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This is my first blog, so I am really very excited on starting my blogging journey. Introducing myself, my name is Ashish Kumar Singh. I come from India. I am an ordinary teenage boy with extraordinary dream of changing this world.

This first blog of mine is a part of my Google Code – In or GCI task of writing a blog about myself. The organisation which allotted me with this task is FOSSASIA.

I came to know about GCI in a very strange manner. One day I was just scrolling through my Mom’s phone and luckily at that moment one of her friends sent her a message about this competition. When I went went through the message it seemed to me fascinating. I read more about the competition details and just thought of giving it a try. To be honest my main motivation about participating in this competition was winning prizes but as I spent more and more time my interest grew and it seemed to captivate my senses.

I have worked with FOSSASIA since the start of this competition. I have completed 3 tasks with them till now. This is my fourth task. All my mentors till now at FOSSASIA are really very kind and friendly. I have been frank to them and they have always provided me with a solution to all of my queries.

I am interested in being a part of FOSSASIA Science Hack Lab. Being a Science student myself I would like to contribute to overcoming problems globally and providing the solutions for the same with my knowledge of science. Mechanical Physics is something which I love the most and if I could use my knowledge of Mechanical Physics, I would be extremely delighted. Belonging from Delhi I have seen the amount of Pollution which is there in the city from a very tender age. I feel that the need of the hour is that motorized vehicles need to be replaced by electric cars. To overcome this problem I would like to open the first electric car plant in my city with the help and in collaboration with some brilliant scientists which are associated with FOSSASIA Science Hack Lab.

I am even interested in being a part of FOSSASIA Software Projects but I feel that my knowledge of programming languages is very limited, however I know HTML and I am even a Microsoft Office Specialist (I feel that the latter is in no way associated with any programming language). However, I would like to learn programming in future if it requires me to do so.

The task which I have completed till now did not require me to install any Open Source application on my laptop or phone. So I have not installed any of the Open Source application till now. I have done all my tasks on my Internet Browser. (However now I have installed Git Bash.)

I use Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp to communicate with my friends. For communication with the FOSSASIA members I use GitHub, my Gmail account and Twitter(especially to highlight the fact that I have completed a particular task).

Ending my blog here, I hope that all of you had a great time reading and my deep hearted thank you to everyone who went through the whole blog. (I know it has been too long)

Cheers…..Have a nice day 🙂

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